You've done it by car, by train, by bus, perhaps even by rickshaw, and certainly by foot- the obligatory city tour. No matter where you are in the world, one of these types of things is always a good idea to get your bearings on a city before creating your own unique route. Here's one idea that we really thought was great- gets you around a city we love quite rapidly, eco-friendly, and best of requires very little physical exertion (best to conserve your energy if you want to tackle Croatia's vivacious nightlife).

Try out the innovative Segway City Tour Zagreb, a unique and virtually effortless way to allow the city to introduce itself to you. Complete with a guide, you can cruise on your very own transporter through the different sectors of the city, taking breaks for meals, shopping and photo ops. There's even a nighttime tour which highlights the luminescent beauty of the city as it comes to life when the sun goes down. Anyone can ride a Segway, no matter how coordinated (or not) and with our special offer, you'll enjoy extra savings as well.

You may be asking yourself, why Zagreb?

-Cool capital of Croatia boasting history dating back thousands of years
-Fascinating museums from archaeological to uber-modern art
-Bargain shopping galore- jewelery, pottery, natural cosmetics and fashion
-Croaterra (Did we stump you? Google it!)
-Nightlife - big nightlife
-Accessibility via cheap flights available from most European capitals via low cost carriers
-Travel easy throughout the city with a Zagreb Card, giving you unlimited travel via public transport, discounts at numerous shops and attractions and great city tips as well

Now that you're saving so much money on the ground, splurge a bit and check out the Regent Esplanade, our choice to top off the perfect jaunt in this cool city.

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