Eh? That's what we said too when we first learned about this modern day Cannonball Rally with a huge twist, and then we got hooked. Strictly not for the faint of heart (or for anyone that can't go with the flow!), it's a race to the finish through a maze of twists, turns, challenges, frustrations, and laughs in some of the world's most unusual locations. Here's the scoop:
-Adventuresome folk form a team & pick a creative, cool name
-Team raises funds for charity
-Team heads out, SANS LUGGAGE OR PREPARATION, flies to India, and does their best to navigate through gale-force winds, wacky weather and miles wickedly unnavigable terrain with rickety machinery.
-Two weeks, a million stories and adventures

The teams unite prior to the start for traditional tea, cakes and a game of cricket and then it's blast-off. The route changes with every run, more challenging as it goes- we're talking steamy jungles, impossibly rough mountains, monsoon mayhem and more just to make sure each participant gets its due adventure quota. There's no real route per se, to add to the mystery. Just maps and somewhat of an endpoint, the rest is up to the team. Zero support, 100% amazing fun.

The bottom line is that everyone wins- the participants have the adventure of a lifetime, and local charities along the "routes" of the Rickshaw Run are the proud and overwhelmingly grateful recipients of much needed donations.

2010 races take place 28th March - 11th April and 11th September - 26th September

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