Time flies unbelievably fast – it has already been two decades since the Velvet Revolution in November 1989. The old Communist regime collapsed and Slovakia embarked on its way to freedom and democracy. In 1993, Bratislava became a capital of the newly independent Slovak Republic.

Bratislava today, is a fast growing destination at the Danube River on the border of three countries – Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. The painstakingly restored Old Town has cobbled streets and an old world charm. Visiting Bratislava, which was once a coronation and residential town of the Hungarian Kingdom, guests should not miss the Gothic St. Martin’s Cathedral, the Main Square with its crafts market – in December, the place of the Christmas market – and visit the Primate’s Palace, where the Pressburg Peace was signed. Numerous Baroque palaces are today galleries, museums, public institutions and serve as upmarket restaurant venues. James Bond fans will recall it was even a backdrop for the 80s classic The Living Daylights...where it looked stunning even then.

A conserved section of the Iron curtain in Devinska Nova Ves near the Austrian border reminds the people of the value of freedom. Another relic from the Communist past, are the observation deck and restaurant atop of the New Bridge, which became a real magnet for the tourists. Re-branded as U.F.O. after its distinctive appearance, the place is one of the most popular sites for observing Bratislava from the air.

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