It takes quite a bit to bowl us over with travel-related shock and awe, but when we learned of this experience, we did a triple-take and proceeded slip into a suspended state of intense curiosity as to the composition of what they dub "The World's Most Luxurious Trip". While that's subject to opinion, we ceratinly find it one of the "most interesting". Leave it to Urbane Nomads to painstakingly design something like this, a group famous for its "no holds barred/nothing is impossible" attitude to creating absolutely incredible experiences.

The journey strings together a collection of truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences all relating to equestrian, falconry and hunting themes. Actually, what it is at the very core is a recreation of a hunting expedition of Kublai Khan himself. The trip begins at the Presidential Suite of the Park Hyatt Beijing for a reason...to completely pamper guests and prep them for the road to come which takes travelers through western Mongolia, led personally by an award winning filmmaker and hunters who know the region like the back of their hand.
The itinerary is not for the faint of heart - Mongolian terrain can be notoriously unforgivable though, and activities like eagle hunting and horseback falconry are not engaged in with considerable ease. But, made ever so much more bearable with the comfort of a luxurious private jet, personal chef, butler, abjectly lavish mobile accommodations that travel along with you throughout your Mongolian jaunt. Price tag? US $2 MILLION. Hey, we told you it wasn't for the faint of heart...

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Book any journey with Urbane Nomads and receive a special gift reflecting the heritage of the destination you're traveling to...from a batik pareo in Trengganu, to the "world's best chocolates" in Damascus, to a kilkoy cloth in Zanzibar...you get the idea. Contact http://www.urbanenomads.com/ or info@urbanenomads.com for more information and be sure & tell 'em The Explorateur sent you!. To know more about Luxury Travel Destinations around the world please browse the www.theexplorateurportfolio.com