There certainly is strength in numbers, and we love this new collection of Argentina's absolute best boutique properties that truly feel more like warm, inviting homes rather than the typical hotel. The collection, comprised of such standouts in our minds like Hotel del Casco, MINE, & Legado Mitico Salta, banded together under one common philosophy- the neverending pursuit to create the PERFECT HOTEL. A hotel that evokes emotion, inspiration, and most of all, an indelible mark on a traveler's memory. This collection is veritable one stop shopping when planning the ideal Argentina journey, and if the ease of use wasn't enough, each traveler who books via BBH receives an exclusive added value benefit offered by Exclusive Hotels in the collection.

Intrigued? Here's just a sampling of the special experiences:

-Free polo class at El Colibri

-Personalized wine tasting at Hacienda de Molinos
-Moonlight speedboat excursion through the Ibera Marshes at Posada de la Laguna

and many, many more. Visit the site for more information-
NB- Argentina, with its diversity from the puslating vibes of Buenos Aires, to the mellow Patagonian plains, to the luxe serenity of the winelands, is an excellent destination for a fly-drive. Use the BBH site's intelligence to help you plan your very own "boutique route" rather than the standard pre-packaged itineraries. You'll enjoy your experience much more this way!