Sometimes even The Explorateur needs get back to the roots of being a culinary explorer. On a recent trip to Athens, staying at one of the best five star properties in town, and being tired of fussy food (albeit delicious) we made a trip to the famous culinary markets in the center of the city. There hidden behind the dozens of fresh meat butchers, an endless array of the freshest seafood, all being proclaimed by the seafood purveyors as the best, a stunning assortment of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, olives (So many incredible varieties that another column just about those olives needs to be done) and spices; lies a place where everyone who works at these food markets goes to eat.

It’s called KapBouvo & oxapa (forgive us if we've butchered the Greek-glish spelling, no pun intended!) and it is the most definitive Greek restaurant that I have ever experienced and all with the absolute freshest foods possible. Simply put, it’s delicious! Imagine that most of the better restaurants come to this market everyday to order their meats, fish and vegetables. They take it back, and prepare their menus and perhaps that evening, or the next, you are enjoying your repast. Now, let’s cut out the middle man, eliminate the driving, and have that amazing selection of food prepared in a matter of minutes. It’s a testament to great, fresh food, prepared simply over an open fire.
There are the basics like a mixed grill or a variety of seafood, but do not forget to have a memorable Greek salad, as it definitely puts the “Greek” in this salad, with fresh vegetables and feta cheese toped by an array of spices and great olive oil and tangy vinegar as a great start to the meal. And from there it only gets better. Fresh food, simply prepared at outstanding prices. So, the next time you are in Athens, head over to the market ask anyone who works there to point you in the direction of KapBouvo & oxapa and guaranteed, you’ll enjoy the best Greek meal of your life! Our Online Travel Guide covers almost all the luxury destinations around the world to know more about Luxury Travel Destinations please subscribe our online travel guide.