AFRISKI- Lesotho, Africa
OK- you've conquered all domestic slopes, schussed the Alps, even trekked to Chile to add a bit of Latin flavor to your well-worn skis. But- did you ever consider the possibility of skiing Africa? Most people don't even think it's possible, which is why it's all the more appealing. One of the best ways to do this is through Afri Ski, the top African ski experience. It's set in the mysterious kingdom of Lesotho...ok- not so mysterious but it sounds good, doesn't it? Lesotho is a tiny nation surrounded by South Africa, so carry your passport on the drive which is just a few hours from Johannesburg. We're talking a 1 KM ski slope, snow making equipment, kids club, ski school, ski rentals, challenging courses, lifts and more- it's the real deal, in a place you'd never expect. Needless to say this is not a snap decision, a trip like this takes plotting out, so we're giving you enough time to get your plans together and you'll make it for next season which begins April 2010. Plus, you can brag about just returning fresh off the slopes at a fabulous find when everyone else back home is still waiting for the season to begin. You are so ahead of the curve... Visit for more info and conquer the final ski frontier!

NB: The resort runs STRICTLY on a cash basis only, be sure to hit up the ATM before trekking out.
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