There is no shortage of intrigue in India- with one of the world's most diverse terrains, the potential for new discoveries is endless. Our most recent Indian discovery is the charming Glenburn Tea Estate- that's right, a proper, active tea plantation that has remained in the hands of the same family for four generations who are proud to open their spectacular estate to visitors that dare to trek the heavenly Himalayan landscape on which it stands. What we find most impressive here beyond the absolute serenity are the following fun facts:

-Staff to guest ratio, 5:1 (!)

-The food on the estate is organically grown

-With almost 1000 people employed at the estate, it provides an amazing stream of support for the local residents

The Glenburn is like staying in someone's home that they have graciously opened up to you, with thoughtfully designed rooms, nostalgic-style hospitality and a hot cup of freshly brewed tea any time you like. Besides hiking, fishing, climbing, exploring, meditating, and just getting as far from the bustle of busy life as possible, the tea factory stands at the center of the activity circuit here and is most spectacular. You can literally spend days here learning to taste/brew/grow tea/prune leaves and probably even read leaves if you wander into the local village. India can be a very crowded place, but from this vantage point, you'd absolutely never know it. A well-worth-it break to weave into any India itinerary.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Complimentary visit to tea factory, tea tasting and special gift of Glenburn Second Flush brew, one of their best teas created with leaves that draw their succulence from mangoes.

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