There is no road to we're told. It's location, not mapped on any atlas, inaccessible by most means of travel save for signposts through the forest, and known only to those that are either locals or "in the know" (and now you know) This is not surprising in the least, as most of Madagascar is enigmatic, intriguing and not at all what you expect- rather, it's so much better. Sunshine year-round, incredibly verdant lush greenery, home to curious animal species and the seductive scents of vanilla and ylang-ylang. And then there's Anjajavy- the rewarding oasis at the end of a very long journey, a gorgeous eco-friendly resort set within a nature reserve housing so many unique species that it could qualify as its own ecosystem. Chic modern villas, dinner tables on the beach, water activities aplenty and true absolute seclusion. Now, to get there isn't quick or easy, but then again no place this private ever is. Connect in Paris via Air France and perhaps break up the journey with a bit of cityscape or head to Joburg and connect on Air Madagascar, then hop the Air Hotel private plane in Antananarivo to the private Anjajave penisula. Again, not rapid, not simple, but WELL worth the journey. Anjajavy- l'hotel- Madagascar is known as one of the best Exclusive Hotel in the world

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