In Martinique, your taste buds travel too...Martinique is steeped in history and its cuisine is a marriage of French and Creole with a wealth of exciting Indian and African influences mixed in. Food options and unique dining experiences abound, from roadside stands selling BBQ chicken wings created from a secret recipe that includes sugar cane syrup, to sweet , fresh lobster served at a seaside restaurant, accompanied by Ti Punch, the favorite island cocktail of white rum, sugar cane syrup and a lime.

Tour de Forks is delighted to present this unique gourmet adventure in the beautiful Caribbean island of Martinique. The 6 day/5 night tropical tour happening August 26-31 includes palm trees, sunshine, gorgeous beaches, foie gras, fish curry, the world's best rum, and more!


-Outstanding accommodations at Plein Soleil, a gorgeous boutique hotel

-Private tours & tastings at the 18th century Clement rum distillery and the AOC designated Neisson distillery

-Excursion to Fort de France market and culinary demonstration at Plein Soleil with renowned Chef Ducteil

-Full Day catamaran excursion to Josephine's Bathtub, the sandbar where legend has it that Napoleon's Creole wife Josephine came to bathe!

-The expertise and warmth of our guide: food , drink, and travel writer Chantal Martineau

6 days/5 nights from $1,700.00 per person. For further information and to make your reservation today, please contact Tour de Forks at 888 345 3005 or a Luxury Travel Website offers online travel guide including hot travel tips and luxury travel destinations across the world.