There are trips, there are vacations, and then there are EXPEDITIONS. Here's some southern hemispheric food for thought for you. Meet the Antarctic Dream, the valiant vessel that dares to transport you through the whitecapped, unrelenting waters surrounding the Great White Continent. Antarctica is amazing- simple as that- it stuns and overwhelms you at first sight, and what follows is even more spectacular. Whales, seals, incredible marinelife at every turn and just endless powdery pure white sheets that look like clouds floating on the water. What makes this journey extra special is the interactive experiences offered to guests, with a personal touch. All journeys are led by an Expedition Leader, who fearlessly guides you through the waters, and treats you to up-close experiences with animals and the icy terrain itself with daily raft excursions. Couple that with onboard workshops with geologists and experts in all things nature-related, add in an intersting mix of global clientele onboard and you've got one enriching experience. And relax, after the sheer wonder and amazement that each day brings, you've got all the comforts you'd ever want in a ship that is taking you to the end of the Earth and back. Enjoy the ride.

The early bird catches the worm (or is it the amazing marinelife sightings in this case?) so if you've ever dreamed about embarking on this type of trip, book now.

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