You may have heard of climbing a volcano, driving up the side of a volcano, or even watching one erupt... but have you ever considered sleeping on one? Odd thought, we know...but trust us, after you see the luxurious mountain oasis known as Rumiloma Lodge, you'll wonder why you never thought of it before. Miles in the sky above bustling Quito, lies the most perfect haven, complete with one of the best restaurants in the area serving Ecuadorian-influenced fusion cuisine and enclosed in windows proffering the most exquisite vistas. Step up a few stairs (after you get acclimatized of course), and you'll find just a tiny handful of the most enchanting suites gracing the hillside, which are decorated in such a way that you have to imagine that somehow, a magic wand must have been used in the process. Traditional wood carved furniture, brilliantly colored fabrics, mosaic-lined sinks, curiously styled copper pot-like bathtubs, and absolutely NO TVs. Unique antiques seem to jump out at you to say a friendly hello at every corner and turn and the staff is as present as you wish them to be, and as discreet and quiet as you wish them to be as well. The charming couple that owns Rumiloma maintain a solid commitment to sustainable tourism and community outreach. Rest assured, most of the food, flora & fauna, and even decor for the rooms are purchased in local villages and measures to protect clean water and the flourishing surrounding forests are basic and standard at this fluid and unique operation. At 600 square feet apiece, it's tempting to get lost in the coziness of the suites above the clouds, and to feel miles from anywhere in the world.
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