To all of our readers who ever wanted to sleep in a barn, lie hanging on suspended bed, sit in a coffin, or be surrounded by furniture that's hanging from the ceiling? To all of our readers that fantasized when they were a child about spending a day in Willy Wonka's factory....we have your Golden Ticket. Introducing Propeller Island City Lodge. We almost don't quite know what to call it, or how to explain it but suffice it to say, it is a most curious complex filled with various types of themed rooms. Aside from the more morbid areas, there's also a bunch of really interesting, intriguing rooms that we're sure you haven't seen before and probably will never see again. A Topsy Turvy room where everything is slanted, the Freedom suite which is fashioned like a prison cell, the Space Cube room with its ice-blue mystical lighting, or the Two Lions suite where your beds are of course set inside steel cages. Is it odd? Yes. Is it funky? Absolutely. Is it amazing and a definite must-see whilst in Berlin? Positively. Bring your camera and your sense of humor (and wonder).
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