Guana-what? you may be saying? Exactly our first thought as well, don't worry. My first experience with this intoxicating place began sort of like a blind date you're not really sure you want to go on, when I was told "surprise, we're going to a really interesting place for your birthday." Never heard of it, didn't know anything about it but like anything in an Explorateur's life, the unknown is always an adventure so bags were packed and off we went. Fast forward to subsequent total 180-degree turnaround in mindset upon arrival, the feeling of wonder upon first setting foot in the gardens awaiting behind the massive door of the Ex-Hacienda La Trinidad is like none other, set in a sleepy town known as Marfil, just minutes from the city center. This hacienda, made up of little cottages and the famous torre (where we had the pleasure of staying) is your home from the minute you arrive. You've got Luis, who is a marvellously pleasant man that takes such pride in everything he does, even going out of his way to drive us into town. You've got an incredibly warm staff who can't wait to treat you to the best homemade Mexican food you've ever had (we were served a zucchini and squash dish with cream sauce that was so delectable you would have bet money it was pasta...gracias by the way to the gracious chefs that tried to help keep us on our diets with that trick!). And then of course you have Guanajuato just minutes away, an amazingly beautiful colonial city with surprises around every corner. A blend of colors, design, markets, churches, and the most intricate underground labytinth tunnel system - no signs, barely any light, but you'll be amazed how deftly the taxi drivers navigate these streets. It's a true feast for the senses, and another side of Mexico to definitely discover.
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