Impressive...that's the first word that comes to mind when you first pull up to the driveway on the Palace side of this incredibly beautiful building that clearly resonates classic regal Argentina. Then, you step inside, to find an incredibly modern space, flowing curtains, statuesque flower vases, chic furniture. Ah...there is an aroma in the room that is most stop and breathe it in. The attentive bellman escorts you to your beautifully appointed room, replete with all of the modern conveniences you could wish for and...wait, there is that aroma again. What is it? Can't place it? As you move through the property and take the time to enjoy all that it has to offer, including the spectacular Ahin Spa, the trendy Vinoteca restaurant, ideal for indulging in a few different types of Malbec accompanied by the most gorgeous cheeses, to the on-site art gallery (yes, within the property) that rotates its work every two months, and the gardens, it transports you back years, to the old stylish Buenos Aires that we read about. If not for the concierges, we would never have found some of the best restaurants we've ever had the pleasure of eating in (to be reviewed soon!) and here's the answer...the aroma is called Celedonio, it's their own intoxicating fragrance, flowing through every square inch of the property and sadly, can not be purchased. However, their bath products are quite similar so we recommend purchasing an extra bottle of shampoo or shower gel, so you can remind yourself of that peaceful beautiful experience anytime you wish when you get back home.
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