In the middle of Buenos Aires, sits a small Italian, tango-and-soccer-crazy neighborhood of La Boca, and in La Boca, lies a most amazing diamond in the rough. Il Mattarello is set just a few blocks from the famous Boca Juniors soccer stadium, quiet and unassuming, yet delivering inside a veritable powerhouse of homemade Italian dishes that would rival any taverna in Rome. You're treated like family from the moment you walk in- whether you speak English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or even German, someone there is happy to communicate with you and they take the utmost pride in serving these very special dishes. The Carbonara is to die for, and the bread is so fresh it melts in your mouth.
NB** You'll find this just down the street from the real-life Diego Maradona impersonator who proudly works his corner off of the main pedestrian shopping street, so you can't miss it if for some reason you can't find the street signs. Have your hotel arrange for a taxi to take you, much easier and more secure that way! Av. Martin Rodriguez 517, La Boca
Pair this with a stay at the Park Hyatt, pick up some of their signature Celedonio bath amenities, throw in a meat frenzy at Cabana Las Lillas and you've pretty much achieved Buenos Aires bliss

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