It's one of those best kept secrets that you don't want to spill, but feel you have to.  Africa enthusiasts have loved its stark contrast to alternative offerings such as safari experiences in the region, as it boasts some of the ultimately purest beaches and crystalline waters you'll likely ever bear witness to.  Here. snorkeling is fascinating around the BazarutoArchipelago, off the beaten path wildlife experiences await in a series of unspoilt national parks and Portuguese colonial cultural influences abound in its cuisine, spoken word and architecture.  See it now in its most natural serene state and discover why Mozambique is so magical.

What do we suggest? So glad you asked...

Begin with a day in Maputo, with its Portuguese influences, colorful markets and small pop up restaurants serving some of the freshest catches like mouthwatering prawns and clams just harvested minutes before.... Call out your style and sit down to your food that's grilled to perfection before your eyes. Then, it's time to move to what may feel like an otherworldly atmosphere- one of Mozambique's special islands with lavish resorts, exceptional marine life and abundance of island adventures, all complete with beaches that appear to have never been set foot upon.

Mozambique is the perfect complement to a South African safari journey- and exceptional for honeymooners seeking total isolation in a purely blissful space. More on Mozambique whenever you're ready- link with us at