It's often said (and loosely translated) that Mozambique enters your blood and never leaves.  Anyone who's been to this energetic and unique place will likely agree wholeheartedly. From the urban complexity of Portuguese-influenced Maputo, to the absolutely untouched pristine beaches of the Bazaruto islands, to the safaris in Gorongosa National Park, all the way to the quaint colonial style feel of the architecture.  

It's a different experience everywhere you turn, literally, and it's no wonder it's Africa's most up and coming tourism destination.  It's one of those best kept secrets that you don't want to spill, yet you feel you have to. Africa enthusiasts have loved its stark contrast to alternative offerings such as safari experiences, some of the world's ultimately pure and pristine beaches, and some of the crystalline waters you'll likely ever see.

What to do? Glad you asked!

-Take a magical mysterious subterranean tour with brilliant snorkelling off Mozambique's low key, remote islands

-Hop a Dhow boat and navigate your way through waterways and mangroves

-Delve deep into Gorongosa National Park or the Niassa Reserve for a unique safari experience

- Get your adventure boots on and scale one of Mozambique's majestic mountains against the Zimbabwe border and feel as though you are looking over the entire continent of Africa

- Discover the enchanting, enigmatic Ibo Island with its crumbling forts, echoes of silence and reminders of challenges past

- Grab a drink at a sidewalk café underneath a jacaranda tree, listen to the sing-song sounds of Portuguese language being spoken and the beats of world music pulsating as you soak up the atmosphere

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