Why France?  Chic, hip and always ahead of the fashion curve, yet old-world, traditional and absolutely bubbling over with some of the world's best cuisine and wines, France remains one of the world's beloved destinations.  Love to dine and wine?  It's home to many of the world's best restaurants and wineries.  Want to chill? Try a charming chateau in the countryside.   Want to remain active? Try climbing stunning mountains or biking through adorable villages. Love history?  Walk wide-eyed through magnificent examples of architecture. And, just want to feel absolutely in love with a city that you can walk endlessly through, seeing something different around every corner ?  Then immerse yourself in Paris.  


Here are some of our deliciously divine ideas to consider, what can we build for you?


-Learn how to cook alongside a culinary master in his own home kitchen, then dine on the gorgeous meal talking all things culinary over dinner


-Embark on a delicious chocolate and pastry making tour in Paris, sampling as you saunter


-Take an early morning hot air balloon ride over the idyllic Loire Valley with a champagne toast, to find a gorgeous breakfast set up for you upon landing, to be enjoyed in the crisp morning air


-Gain exclusive access to private tasting rooms at some of France's most celebrated wineries


-Go climb a mountain...literally- from small hills to the most challenging treks, our experts can organize the thrill of a lifetime


-Take an afternoon river cruise on the Garonne, stopping in at medieval villages and wine estates along the way


-Spend the night in a gorgeous chateau and dine with an aristocratic family that has opened up their home to you



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