Rome is timeless, everyone who's been has their own version of how to best enjoy it- where they love to walk, what they can't wait to eat, buildings and fascinating structures they love to marvel at, and of course where they love to stay.


Well, we have a new place we LOVE to stay- Villa Spalletti Trivelli. It is supremely private- in fact it's easy to miss as it's behind two magnificent yet discreet doors flanked by just a hint of a sign indicating the property's name. Behind these doors is an absolutely stunning luxury villa hotel where elegance abounds from the genuine antiques that grace the drawing rooms, to the splendid private garden and beyond. A whole world of lavish pampering awaits here, in a privileged location in the center of it all yet somehow feeling miles away

Rooms are genuinely gorgeous and extremely well appointedand the extra touches such as the cocktail hour nightlywhere a lovely array of spirits are served for guests to enjoy, or the small doorbell devices on various tables with a bit of an Alice In Wonderland quality to them ( "ring me for service"!) , all the way to the smiling faces of the staff who welcome each guest with warmth.

It was a fascinating new discovery for us and one we couldn't wait to share. Let us help you design the ideal Roman holiday!

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