Here at Explorateur Journeys, we're always searching for deeper experiences that connect with the soul....this fantastic excursion falls beautifully into that category. Travel to Peru is a mystical journey to be enjoyed on so many levels, and there is no better way to search for your inner chakra than this exciting, out-of-the-box experience that brings together yoga and stand up paddle boarding. This activity, carefully designed so as to not interfere with daytime touring in Lima that we'll be integrating into your itinerary, begins late afternoon. In the serenity of the ocean, doing yoga while the sun sets brings the whole experience to a new level. Stretching, striving, achieving and feeling balanced on the sea.

As the session ends, you'll then have the opportunity to sit peacefully atop your board and watch Lima, the only capital city in South America located besides the ocean, as it lights up and awakens to the night.


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