Ever a bucket-list destination if we ever saw one...so many of our readers have reached out in recent times to ask about the Arctic. What to do? What to see? How can we make this happen? Well, here's a fun list of experiences we've curated based on past journeys that you might want to consider for your own jaunt to Norway which we'd love to create for you:




-NIGHTTIME SNOWMOBILING- Aurora Chaser Francisco Damm will pick you up and drive you to his Villa in the Lyngen Alps, here you will meet wife Anna and the kids at your starting point for Photographic and Snowmobile excursions, whether in the day or in the night to experience the Northern Lights!


-NORTHERN LIGHTS CHASE- From September to March, head out with a guide that has one specific mission in mind: to take you wher­ever the chances to admire the magnificent Aurora are (at that precise moment) best. Complete with hot chocolate, cookie and digital photos to follow


-REINDEER HERD ENCOUNTER- From November to April, take an unfor­gettable scenic drive to Takelvdalen in Målselv where you will find groups of Reindeer ready for you to feed them or take pictures with them. When you start feeling cold our guides will serve you Hot Chocolate and cookies while regaling you with exciting stories of herders and hunters...


-SNOWMOBILE TO THE MOUNTAIN- From January to April , have a once in a life time experience by riding a Snowmobile to the top of Takelvdalen where the Reindeer Herd walks free! Ride on the sled with your guide and be rewarded with a Sami meal, while outfitted in warm overalls, pictures included!


-SLEDDING WITH AN OSKAL FAMILY- Take a scenic drive from Tromso where you'll meet and feed reindeer, and round up with a member of the Sami Oskal family who will prepare as sled for you to take a ride on, after which you'll relax by the bonfire and hear exciting stories of herders.


Avid for the Arctic adventure? Contact us at info@explorateurjourneys.com for a customized journey...