It's one of the last great true values in Europe, and considering where the Euro is at right now, it's even better these days!  Though often overshadowed by its neighbor, Spain, Portugal packs an enormous punch of vibrance, culture, deliciousness and beauty that one can never expect before they arrive, and can never forget after they depart

Here are some of our top picks- what can we create for you?

-Embark on a Vintage Shopping tour of Lisbon, hitting hidden gems of shops generally not known to travelers, showcasing both vintage designs and high end fashions with a personal shopping guide

-Join an acclaimed chef in her personal kitchen and learn how to make the perfect pasteis de bacalhau and a host of other traditional recipes

-Go mussel hunting and fishing along a pristine beach and watch an old-world master prepare the perfect fish stew

-Be dazzled by the grandeur of aristocratic palaces- even host you own event or stay at one of the many hotels created from these stunning former royal residence

-Grab your harvest scissors and take to grapevines yourself on a private vineyard- make your own wine and sample to your heart's content, sleeping it off in a luxurious estate

-Experience the emotion of saudade, only to be truly felt in Portugal with a live Fado performance

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