Iceland...small in size but enormous in diversity, uniqueness and opportunity to explore beyond the imaginable, from a new vantage point.... A helicopter! This gorgeous itinerary will have you floating above idyllic, mystical areas such as the triangular, supernatural glacier Snæfellsjökull long believed by many to be the entrance to the center of the Earth. Soar over striking lakes, geologically active volcanoes with curious lava formations you'll get to see from the top, natural parks, canyons, rivers and more. Then, on land, we'll have you immersing yourself in special activities such as whale watching from a RIB boat, 4x4 trekking through the Thorsmörk Nature Reserve. 

This very special deep valley , with glacial tongues descending down the mountain sides from the ice caps, drives through picturesque routes showcasing the exotic colors of Icelandic nature from emerald-green moss and fairy-blue ice cliffs, to deep-red lava fields and yellow geothermal grounds. There's even a private snowmobile tour at the largest glacier in Europe and a visit to a private island.

You'll get to explore the hidden Iceland that visitors rarely have a chance to see, and stay in lodges and homes that are some of Iceland's best kept secrets.

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